Training vs. Tutoring

Do You Know The Difference?

While both are effective, brain training and tutoring are actually different solutions to different problems. From Grade R through university, students typically struggle because of one of two problems:

  • New information wasn’t grasped because it was presented poorly (or missed entirely)

  • Weak cognitive skills are making it hard to grasp new information (even when it is presented well)


Tutoring works on the first problem; BrainRx works on the second. 


There are times to hire a Tutor. For example, if your child didn’t learn classroom content because he or she was home with the flu, fell behind with school or university work, needs assistance understanding or catching up with academic work, because a teacher on maternity leave was replaced by a string of substitutes, or because construction workers nearby were operating jackhammers all month long, hire a Tutor.


In other words, if identifiable circumstances have interfered with the delivery of academic information to your child, hiring someone to redeliver that academic information makes sense.

There are definitely times to rather hire a one-on-one Cognitive Trainer. For example, if your child is struggling in school or university in general, struggling in more than one class, struggling to keep up with the amount of work, or struggling over the course of several school or university  years, help from a Cognitive Trainer can make a real difference.

This is because brain training targets the cognitive weaknesses that are keeping your child from repeatedly grasping new information when it’s presented in class.


Tutoring can help catch up with missed academic information, but most learning struggles repeat themselves with every new challenge. This makes tutoring a frustrating and expensive choice.



Our cognitive testing and training identifies and strengthens the parts of the brain your child needs to learn, concentrate, remember and read better. Results are lasting and unmatched.


Cognitive skills testing can answer the question of why your child struggles. Targeted cognitive skills training provides realistic hope for a lasting improvement in how your child learns. Stronger underlying cognitive skills leads to learning success.

Cognitive skills testing and training offers your child an opportunity that tutoring and other academic programs simply can’t - the ability to learn easier and faster in every subject. 


Don't wait another term or another academic year - take the first step, call us and schedule a cognitive skills assessment today.

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