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Brain Training Improves Mental Performance


When cognitive skills are strong, thinking and learning are easier.

For average or high-performing high school students competing for bursaries or university placement, or for students already attending a university and wanting to do well in a competitive educational environment, strong brain skills are invaluable.


BrainRx improves how the brain processes (and remembers) incoming information. The improvements we get for our clients are measurable, dramatic, and lasting. Better mental performance not only helps students get access to better educational opportunities, it allows them to maximize those opportunities when they get them.

How does this translate into real life improvements for children in school and university?

  • With stronger cognitive skills, students learn things faster and easier than ever before.

  • They have measurably better memory skills and concentration.

  • They have better mental performance in school, university, sports and life.

  • They report having greater confidence.

  • They’re more likely to enroll in tertiary studies and to finish their studies.

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Better Brain. Better Life. Better Future.

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