At BrainAbility centres, we offer a variety of BrainRx cognitive development programs to meet the needs of our clients.  All training is done in-centre, and on a one-on-one basis.


Whether you already have amazing cognitive brain skills and are simply looking for a competitive edge for thinking, remembering and concentrating better, or have a problem to solve, contact us and we will begin working together to achieve your goal. Here’s a short description of each of our services:

Cognitive Testing

- The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills

- Step 1 in our process

- For ages 6 to 96

- Scientifically measures current cognitive brain performance

- Takes about an hour to complete

- Includes a feedback consultation

- Done in-centre

- Available in more than 23 languages, including English and Afrikaans

​Brain Booster Programs

- Additional training following an initial BrainRx or ReadRx program

-Various program options

- For ages 6 to 96

- For current and past clients

BrainRx Brain Training

​- Our core cognitive development program

- For ages 6 to 96

- One-on-One Cognitive Trainer

- In-centre Trainer-assisted digital brain training

- All cognitive brain skills

- Includes a post-training cognitive test

Holiday Programs

- Various program options offered during the year

- For primary- to university level students

- Interested? Click here to send us an e-mail. Please provide the number of children and their ages, and a member of our team will be in contact once the next holiday program has been finalised.

ReadRx Reading Program

- Intensive sound-to-code reading program

- Reading, Spelling and Comprehension
- For children and adults
- Cognitive brain skills + auditory processing training
- Basic and complex sound-to-code reading training

- Includes a post-training cognitive test

Events and Talks

Click here or give us a call if you would like to invite us to the following:

- Parent Evening Talks

- Teacher Talks
- Corporate Talks
- Open Days

- Expo's
- Guest Speaker at your event/function

- Radio interviews/talks

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