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Ruan's BrainRx Story

Our son was 10 years old, he could not read and could hardly write properly. He failed every single subject, every single term and there was no help from the mainstream schools.

Eventually we enrolled him at a remedial school where they advised that he has ADHD and that we needed to put him on medications - the ADHD was apparently the reason for his bad grades. They advised that our son would never be able to attend a normal school again or even study further at a university as he was 'special'.

When we learned about BrainRx, we immediately had Dalena and her team do a cognitive assessment with our son to determine the extent of our son's 'problem' and/or educational setback.

BrainRx advised that the assessment report indicated our son had a deficiency with regards to his processing speed and auditory processing. So we started our cognitive development program with BrainRx, extremely sceptical and hopeful altogether.


Within the first two weeks of our son attending his BrainRx sessions, we could start to see a change and improvement in our son's grades. Our son started getting 8 out of 10 for English spelling tests, whereas in the past he would get a straight 0 out of 10!

Our son started reading without any difficulty and he achieved 75% and even higher for tests, and a 75% average for tough exams. Our son later achieved and still maintains a 10 out of 10 for his English spelling tests every week. 


Today, we have a son who passed all his subjects with distinction and his teachers are so pleased with his achievements. Our son now loves going to school and reads books! 

His self-esteem has improved drastically and he can now function as a normal child.


BrainRx not only helped our son to improve his grades, they also gave him a bright future to look forward to, and they gave him a chance at a normal life without any harmful medications.



Published with permission from Ruan's parents - Johan and Tania.

Ruan is a BrainRx Pretoria East and Centurion graduate.

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