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ReadRx is an intensive sound-to-code reading, comprehension and spelling intervention for children and adults. ReadRx includes all BrainRx cognitive development procedures, advanced auditory processing training, phonemic awareness, plus basic and complex sound-to-code reading training.


We originally tested more than 2,000 struggling readers and found common weak skills that included Long- and Short-Term Memory, Processing Speed, and Auditory Processing.


As a result, the first half of ReadRx focuses on these four skills (plus any individualised weak cognitive skills). The second half builds on that foundation with reading and spelling skills.

Skills strengthened by ReadRx:


Auditory Processing

Allows the brain to analyze, blend, and segment sounds, and is critical for successful reading.


This is the ability to interpret and attach meaning to spoken or written language.

Working Memory

Allows you to retain information while you’re using it.

Word Attack (Decoding)

Decoding is the process of converting symbols to language. Word attack is the strategy of using sound-letter correspondence rules to decode new
or nonsense words.

Reading Fluency

The ability to quickly and accurately read simple sentences with expression, and is a necessary foundation for reading comprehension.

Processing Speed

Processing Speed allows the brain to perform tasks quickly and accurately.

Spelling Sounds and Awareness

The ability to identify/manipulate sounds, and understand how individual sounds work together in spoken words. Also, the ability to use knowledge of sounds and spelling patterns to write words.


These skills are the primary accelerator of reading development.

Who should do ReadRx?

• Adults and children struggling with reading, spelling or comprehension 

• Students who wish to improve their cognitive skills so they can read, comprehend and spell quickly and efficiently. These could include:

• Children who should shift from learning to read, to reading to learn

• University-level students wanting to improve reading, comprehension and spelling for their studies

• Adults wanting to improve their English for work

Program Options



Full ReadRx Program

New students

8-month program


Cognitive One-on-One Training

In-centre supported Digital Training

Auditory Processing

Basic sound-to-code

Complex sound-to-code

Code Overlap

Exception Words

ReadRx Booster Program

As a follow-up reading program to an intial BrainRx base program (cognitive development program)

5-month program


Specific Enhanced Cognitive One-on-One Training

In-centre supported Digital Training

Extended Auditory Processing

Basic sound-to-code

Complex sound-to-code

Code Overlap

Exception Words

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