Reading Problems and Dyslexia

Reading struggles impact every area of learning and life.


When a child or adult struggles with reading, school, university, work and life are harder than they need to be.

Working with a certified brain trainer strengthens the neural connections that make reading possible - and improves comprehension and retention, too!

Studies show that most reading struggles are caused by the same cognitive weakness.

At the very root of reading success - or reading struggle – is an underlying brain skill called auditory processing.  


Why Auditory Processing is a Big Deal for Struggling Readers

Auditory processing is the skill the brain uses to identify and segment sounds, which are critical for reading success.

Over a six-year period, 2, 112 children and adults came to BrainRx with dyslexia and/or reading struggles. We measured the cognitive performance of these clients before brain training, and again after brain training, paying special attention to the cognitive skills associated with auditory processing, since weak auditory processing is at the root of 85% of reading struggles.


Neuroscientists tell us that the brain can be stimulated to physically grow and change throughout our entire lives, and that the brain’s underlying skills can be strengthened.


At BrainRx, we harness the brain’s neuroplasticity with a series of intense mental exercises that stimulate the brain to strengthen existing neural connections and even create new ones. Our one-on-one brain training programs are clinically proven to strengthen auditory processing and other cognitive skills, dramatically improving how the brain performs at reading, thinking, learning, remembering and even paying attention.


In fact, children and adults who come to us struggling to read (or struggling to comprehend or retain what they read) typically gain 2.9 years in reading skills after just one program of brain training.


If reading (or comprehending or retaining what’s been read) is a struggle for you or for someone you care about, our certified brain trainers can help.


Click here  for information about ReadRx, an intensive sound-to-code reading, comprehension and spelling program for adults and children.


Good readers live in bigger worlds.  Read well.  Enlarge your world.

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