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Jason's BrainRx Story

I started to blame myself for my inability to perform in these areas, which lead me to give up trying for fear of failure, and felt very sceptical when my Mom first introduced me to the brain training course, as I attempted several other courses throughout my life such as reading courses, occupational therapy, as well as brain stimulation courses to no avail.


I felt insecure and disheartened over the fact that my family spent so much money and time trying to help me, while I simply wasn't getting better.

When I did my first assessment with BrainRx, I was worried it would turn out to be the same as my other courses, and was surprised to find that it was nothing like them.

The people that helped me understood what I was going through and explained to me that I was not alone in my inabilities and that people with even more severe cases than myself have been able to get better - therefore giving me hope that I, myself, could get better as well.


Once I started with the course, I was excited to push myself and my brain to greater heights, and for the first time it wasn't anyone else pushing me, but myself, and I had finally found the motivation to better myself which I was previously lacking in other courses.


I had finally found the reasons for my dyslexia and concentration problems,  and was finally able to push past them and test the limits of my brain to the point of mental exhaustion. Both my and my brain's abilities were starting to surpass my expectations.


At the end of the course, I was sad to leave due to the bonds I had formed with my brain trainers, and was sad to leave what felt to be a safe environment in which I was able to look past my failures and focus on my successes instead.


I was sad but excited at the same time to see how my newfound skills and abilities would help me better myself in day-to-day life.


Thank you BrainRx for helping me better myself to the extend that I now have the confidence to say that both myself and my abilities have finally begun to improve and my insecurities have started to fade away.


The script above was copied directly from the original testimonial written by Jason.

Jason is a BrainRx Pretoria East and Centurion graduate.

Published with permission from Jason and his mother, Jeanette.

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