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Dean's BrainRx Story

The course had fun days but also tough days - as we all know, we cannot grow if we stay in our comfort zones. BrainRx helped him to stretch that brain. I noticed that he enjoyed games more without becoming frustrated.


His work in class improved tremendously as well as his attitude to reading and learning.


Schools these days are not geared to develop, strengthen and stretch cognitive skills. The syllabus is so taxing - they have so much work that they have to get through. Mostly school is set up to be results and task driven.

Initially it is difficult to tangibly see the results of what BrainRx brain training can do but my son surprised me in a lot of ways and still does daily.
He sets goals and achieves them. He works hard at his tasks and is proud when he gets good results.


He is very confident in himself and knows he is capable, if something is difficult, he does not just throw in the towel. There are areas which we still work on but I believe that we have the necessary processes and skills for him to find equilibrium in his thinking and to reach his full potential - in his relationships, life and school environment.

The teachers love this confident boy and he has great relations with his peers. All in all, BrainRx brain training gives you a balance to be able to cope with any situation in life.

The final results speak for themselves and yes, they do also go hand in hand with a balanced diet, sleep and exercise, but the proof is in the pudding: 


School marks above 90% for a child that was struggling less than a year ago. Gold medals in sport and Merits for music exams as well as an Eisteddfod winner - shows tremendous growth in a child - of which I am so proud but mostly thankful to BrainRx.

Testimonial from Anso, 9-year old Dean's Mom.

Dean is a BrainRx Pretoria East and Centurion graduate.
Published with permission from Anso.

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