Celebrating Success

Daniel's BrainRx Story

Faith and word of mouth lead me to a BrainRx centre in Lynnwood. Once my husband and myself met Dalena, we know this was the next best thing.


Daniel was assessed and started intense therapy 3 to 4 times a week. He had a backlog with Processing Speed. Within the first 6 weeks I noticed small changes, eg: he would get dressed quickly and on his own every morning, self-confidence started to improve, homework times became shorter and he began to radiate from within.


His first report in Grade 1, he was below average and got poor symbols.

His 2nd report he received 3 months after he had started BrainRx, and his symbols shot up by 2 to 3 symbols above average!


His world became clearer, he was positive about school and his anxiety levels slowly decreased. 


I am extremely grateful to Dalena and her team for ALWAYS going the extra mile for Daniel. It has changed our lives! 


Testimonial from Sandra, Daniel's mother.

Daniel is a BrainRx Pretoria East and Centurion graduate.

Published with permission from Sandra.

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