Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

Auditory processing impact reading and learning.


BrainRx has helped many students with Auditory Processing Disorders. In the chart below, you can see the significant changes for those individuals. The largest cognitive skill gains were in sound awareness, broad attention, and logic & reasoning. In addition, the average age equivalent gain across skills was 3.4 years.






In addition to these cognitive skill results from pre- and post-testing using the Woodcock-Johnson III, multiple case studies have been completed on children and adults with Auditory Processing Disorders.

For example - in a chart review of seven pediatric auditory processing disorder cases, training effects following LearningRx/BrainRx indicated improvements in all auditory tests including the Competing Sentences Test, low-pass filtered speech, and the Dichotic Digits Test, and decreased errors on the Staggered Spondaic Words Test.





These are tests commonly utilized as part of a battery and used by Audiologists to test for Auditory Processing Disorder. Chart reviews of two adult Auditory Processing Disorder cases indicated very large gains across all tested skills and self-reported functioning.

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