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Alan's BrainRx Story

After these two months of intensive Physical Training, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy, he was placed in Stepdown for further therapy. He spent almost another month in this facility. When we visited the Neurosurgeon for his post-op follow up, we were advised to send him for more Occupational Therapy.

After another four months of Occupational Therapy, I felt that Alan wasn't improving at all. He battled with short term memory, work speed, long term memory, concentration, processing speed, etc.
It felt like he was being given the easy stuff that he could manage, and the more difficult stuff were not given any attention to. The moment he struggled, that part of the session would be left out.
I asked for an in-depth evaluation. The evaluation showed that he hardly had any shortfalls and that he was okay, which I knew wasn't the full truth.

I discovered a BrainRx pamphlet I took a couple of months before and phoned Dalena from BrainRx Pretoria East.
We went for the Cognitive Skills Assessment and what a shocker when we had the feedback consultation. Alan wasn't performing at all! Both of us were absolutely shattered and shocked by the results of his Cognitive Skills Assessment. When I compared the Occupational Therapy assessment results to the BrainRx Cognitive Skills Assessment results, it was as if it was two different people.

Dalena explained the BrainRx route to us and we grabbed the lifeline she presented to us. Alan started his BrainRx cognitive skills development course towards the end of November 2016. After two weeks, I could already start to see things were changing. We then went on leave and Dalena gave us a couple of exercises to concentrate on - we had a ball doing these exercises every day.  

Even our kids immediately saw major differences in their dad's progression and performance.

During November 2016, Eskom contracted Alan as Consulting Engineer on one of their court cases. The first meeting was an absolute waste of time - Alan hardly remembered anything about his job he did for 48 years.
But when he went back during January 2017, it was a completely different story! He remembered everything and actually added value to the court case. He spent three days being cross-examined in court and he was brilliant, handling every question perfectly.

Alan is showing immense progression and as we slowly but surely are nearing the end of his BrainRx sessions, we both are more positive about Alan's life journey ahead.

Thank you Dalena, and your whole BrainRx Team, for working so diligently and empathetically with Alan - BRAINRX GAVE US HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!!!

Testimonial from Alan's spouse.
Published with permission from Sonia and Alan.

Alan is a BrainRx Pretoria East and Centurion graduate.

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