ADHD and Attention Issues

“Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD/ADD) is characterized by a prolonged history of inattention, impulsiveness, poor concentration, and variable amounts of hyperactivity, all normal human characteristics.  All of us are forgetful and inattentive at times, become nervous and fidgety, and are somewhat impulsive.  

ADHD is not the presence of these behaviors, but the degree to which they manifest.  People with ADHD have an overabundance of these characteristics.”   Dr. Russell Griffiths

Our programs strengthen attention three ways


At BrainRx, while we don’t provide diagnoses, the fact is that many of our clients - children and adults - come to us with previous diagnoses, including ADHD.


Unlike conventional solutions, our cognitive training addresses ADHD at its root cause.


Others treat ADHD with accommodations such as removing distractions, reducing workload, medicating, or isolating people into quiet areas. This is like giving comeone a leg up over a brick wall. It helps temporarily, but does nothing to break down the wall.


Neuroscientific research has found that attention is a combination of three separate but related skills or abilities: sustained attention (staying on task), selective attention (resisting distraction), and divided attention (splitting attention between tasks).


ADHD is complex with no single treatment solution. Research proves, however, that the best approaches to actually overcome ADHD symptoms must include training exercises that build attention skills while exposing the individual to structured, distracting stimuli - the opposite approach of typical strategies.


Our intense, targeted cognitive skills training is designed to improve attention skills rapidly. Our programs strengthen the key parts of the brain you  need to concentrate. Results are real and measurable.


Those with ADHD deserve the opportunity to overcome the distractions and limitations this disorder presents - without the ongoing need for medication or accommodation if possible. 


Appropriate professional cognitive skills training provides that opportunity.

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