About BrainRx

As part of the largest one-on-one cognitive development company in the world, we help children and adults in areas such as reading, remembering, comprehension, paying attention, thinking quickly, solving problems and more.


We help by improving - often dramatically - the brain's ability to register, process, remember and use information.


Whether you're a brilliant school- or university level student, seasoned career adult wanting to think on your feet and perform better; or someone battling with concentration, memory, reading, comprehension or learning - we test and train cognitive skills and we do it on a one-on-one basis. Our procedures consist of intense mental exercises that are also really fun to do. This is because our Internationally Certified Cognitive Trainers know exactly how to encourage and challenge clients past their comfort zones and into the thrill of new accomplishments.


If you or someone you love is serious about improving how the brain thinks, learns, reads, remembers, reasons and even pays attention, we can help.

The BrainRx Process

Step 1


People come to us because they want to learn faster, read better, increase attention skills, develop a sharper memory, or simply process information more quickly.


When someone comes to BrainRx, the first thing we do is administer a comprehensive Cognitive Skills Test.


The test takes about 45 minutes and shows us exactly which cognitive skills are weak and which are strong. It also includes a detailed 1-hour feedback consultation.


Taking the test does not obligate you to sign up for a BrainRx cognitive development program and, in fact, will provide you with helpful information whether or not you decide to pursue brain training.

Step 2


Once we identify which cognitive skills are weak, a personalised, targeted cognitive skills development program is designed for each individual client.


Our trainers provide intense one-on-one training designed to target and strengthen those skills. All training sessions are done at one of our centres.


Each client is matched with a Cognitive Trainer who will work with them throughout the entire training program.


Training goals and targets are based on each client's individual cognitive skill strengths and weaknesses.


Regular review and feedback of the client's progress keeps both the client and the Cognitive Trainer focused.

Step 3


The aim of our cognitive development training is narrowing the Performance Gap.

And that is why, once our clients have completed their programs, a post-training Cognitive Test is performed as part of the training program package.


One way to measure the overall results of our brain training is to consider the gap between how well someone performed in cognitive function prior to BrainRx brain training (pre-training test) and their cognitive performance on completion of the BrainRx or ReadRx program (post-training test).


Another way to measure the overall results of our brain training - and definitely the most exciting - is the feedback we receive from our clients and their families about the changes and improvements they are seeing and experiencing.


Do you know what Neuroplasticity is?


Research has shown that the brain never stops changing.

Neuroplasticity defines the brain's ability to change and modify neuron activity and connections in reaction to increased learning demand.


Gray matter can actually shrink or thicken, plus neural connections can be forged and refined or weakened based on certain environmental activities.


BrainRx takes advantage of Neuroplasticity by engaging you in researched and specially designed combined one-on-one and digital exercises to promote rapid strengthening and growth of these neuronal connections.


Your cognitive abilities - such as Memory (Short- and Long Term), Attention, Visual Processing, Auditory Processing, Processing Speed, and Logic & Reasoning - can be improved with BrainRx cognitive brain training.

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