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Cognitive Testing

What if you could identify the cognitive weakness behind a memory, attention, reading or learning struggle...and then strengthen it?

The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills is a non-invasive way of clinically measuring current cognitive brain function, and is the right place to start. Testing is done in English and Afrikaans.

BrainRx Cognitive Development

BrainRx is our core cognitive brain skills development program.


Offered on a one-on-one basis with an Internationally Certified BrainRx Cognitive Trainer, this non-invasive program works on all the core cognitive skills for struggling, average and advanced students of all ages (age six to ninety-six).

ReadRx Reading Program

ReadRx is an intensive sound-to-code reading, comprehension and spelling program for children and adults.


ReadRx includes all BrainRx cognitive development procedures, auditory processing training, phonemic awareness, plus basic and complex sound-to-code reading training. 

A Better Brain at Any Age

Discover what over 100, 000 clients in 46 countries already know. You CAN train the brain to learn easier, think faster, and perform better.

At any age.

Watch this video to learn more! 

What is Cognitive Brain Training? – Five Things You Need to Know

Here are five things you need to know about BrainRx one-on-one cognitive brain training:

  1. BrainRx cognitive development programs consist of researched and intense mental exercises that sharpen the core skills the brain uses to think, learn, read, reason and pay attention.

  2. BrainRx cognitive training is not tutoring. Our programs don’t re-teach academic information. Instead, they change how the brain grasps and uses information.

  3. BrainRx uses a unique blend of personal cognitive brain training (during which clients work one-on-one with their own Cognitive Trainer) and Trainer-supported in-centre digital brain training. Both styles of training takes place in a BrainRx Centre.

  4. BrainRx cognitive development is fun to do. The researched exercises are enjoyable, and the fast-pace at which improvements are experienced makes the experience rewarding as well.

  5. BrainRx cognitive training programs sharpens the brain skills we use in school, university, at work, and in everyday life. 

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